What interests me are the things we don’t know and the clues that are left to follow. Compulsions, irrational fears, similarities between seemingly dissimilar things, our own bodies. It it is like the world is like a book, meant to be read, but in a language we can’t quite understand.

One of the topics I have been exploring recently is study of epigenetics and how our genomes can contain remnants of experience both personal and intergenerational. Epigenetics is the study of the how past events, even generations after an event, can affect how genes are expressed. I attempt to visualize the invisible remnants of experience that leave traces on ourselves and our environment. I want to show the melding of history, culture, environment, and body.

I started as a photographer but soon found that I couldn’t get inside the subject in a way that shows its totality. I don’t just want to see what something looks like from the outside but what it's made of inside, the story behind its creation, and its significance in the world. I make objects in a way to explore another side that can’t be readily seen. In a way of investigating, I spend a lot of time playing with materials and finding connections between seemingly disparate things. For example, I started working with kozo fiber because it looked like veins and fibrous muscle tissue. I used walnuts in part because they reminded me of bone as well as how visually they are the antithesis of an egg. In choice of mediums I often chose things that are natural or invoke the natural world.


for more information contact: vebyers@gmail.com